Frequently Asked Questions

What does FINE DAY contain?

FINE DAY is a diet supplement contains nutrients, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which can help to improve body’s natural ability to recover. If you want to know detailed list of ingredients of FINE DAY ampules, click on the ingredients on our website.

How often and when should I take FINE DAY?

We recommend one ampule FINE DAY at the end of the evening/night, just before bedtime. If you forget, take it as soon as you wake up in the following morning. Do not exceed recommended dose which is 1 FINE DAY ampule per 24h.

What flavour is FINE DAY?

It’s a delicious apple flavour.

Is FINE DAY vegan friendly?

Yes, it is.

When does FINE DAY expire?

FINE DAY has about 2 years of shelf life from the moment of production. Expiry date and the batch number are placed on the bottom of the package.

How is FINE DAY made?

FINE DAY is formulated by qualified health experts and manufactured in a certified pharmaceutical facility.

Can I take FINE DAY if I’m on medications such as anti-depressants?

As with any supplements, if you are currently taking prescription medication, we suggest to consult it with your doctor first.

Can I take FINE DAY if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or under any medical supervision, always speak to your medical profesional before taking FINE DAY.

How long does it take for FINE DAY to arrive?

FINE DAY takes … - ….. working days to arrive to your doors in Poland, …- … days across Europe and ……-… days international. For detailed information about shipping and returns, please click Shipping/Returns on our website.